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The purpose of the PLHS Fall Practice is for skill development, conditioning, adjustment to game speed, and controlled scrimmages. Below is a list of upcoming Practices, please make sure you register.

In order to participate, you must complete the online registration and waiver acceptance form with electronic signature (link below).

The cost this year for the 22 sessions (30 hours & 20 minutes total) is $325 per skater and $120 per goalie.

Register here

Fall Practice 2023

9/7/2023ThuDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
9/10/2023SunDakotahRink 28:30PMto9:50PM
9/14/2023ThuDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
9/17/2023SunDakotahRink 27:40PMto9:00PM
9/21/2023ThuDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
9/24/2023SunDakotahRink 27:40PMto9:00PM
9/28/2023ThuDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/1/2023SunDakotahRink 28:50PMto10:10PM
10/2/2023MonDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/5/2023ThuDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/8/2023SunDakotahRink 28:20PMto9:40PM
10/9/2023MonDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/12/2023ThuDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/15/2023SunDakotahRink 2850PMto10:10PM
10/16/2023MonDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/17/2023TueDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/22/2023SunDakotahRink 28:50PMto10:10PM
10/23/2023MonDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/24/2023TueDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/25/2023WedDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/26/2023ThuDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
10/27/2023FriDakotahRink 13:40PMto5:00PM
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