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Volunteer opportunities are widespread throughout Prior Lake High School Girl’s Hockey and will be made available through this website. Sign up links are included below for all open volunteer opportunities.  Volunteer is separated into 2 categories: game day events and committees. Activities may require participating one time, multiple times, or once at the end of the year. Parents will be responsible for finding a replacement anytime they’re unable to fulfill an activity. The BLC will assign any remaining activities as fairly as possible if we don’t get enough volunteers. It is very important each family participate in the volunteer commitments each year – SOME VOLUNTEER QUOTE HERE.

The Blue Line Club (BLC) requires parents to volunteer for at least 4 game day activities per player. This is not part of the hourly requirements per players.


Parents are required to either head 1 volunteer committee or help on 2 committees per player per year. 

This is explained further in the PLHS Girls Hockey Handbook.

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